Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health

South Africa spends approximately 10% of the Gross Domestic Product on Health. However, the health outcomes of the population are considerable poorer than other countries that spend much less. This is in part due to the quadruple burden of disease of communicable diseases, HIV & AIDS, trauma and non- communicable diseases and the numerous health system challenges. Among the many health system challenges, the optimal management and application of information for planning and management remains a serious limitation. Therefore, the post graduate diploma in Public Health serves to strengthen the ability of middle managers to manage various programs and strengthen the health system as a whole. 

There is limited undergraduate public health qualification and the Post Graduate Diploma will be a bridge into the Master of Public Health. This program serves to equip graduates with the critical knowledge skills to be able to engage in reflection on public health practices for e.g. Health system, health service management, service delivery and critically analyze existing data sources to be able to engage in operational research, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs.

The purpose of the programme is To enhance the capacity of people working in the health field to practice Public Health in order to improve the health status of the people of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Graduates will be provided with the skill and expertise to manage the health system and health programmes at district, provincial and national levels.

The following learning outcomes are expected of the student:

    • To have gained an understanding of the key components of public health and its application to the relevant context and apply the necessary principles within the local context. 
    • To be able to measure at a descriptive level health and management indicators such that they may be analyze the relevant program outputs
    • To have an insight on the organization of services and programs to be able to optimize and better manage the relevant programs
    • To be able to identify challenges within the health system and programs so that they may be able to generate workable solutions to local
    • To be able to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate public service interventions that results in action planning and optimal use of resources

 Applications are now open and close on the 31st of October 2020.