Public Health Practitioners

In order to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing public health issues, many Universities have developed a Graduate Program in Public Health comprising the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health (PGDip), Masters of Public Health (MPH) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD). These degrees are purely academic degrees and require no state or national certification requirements such as Health Professional Council Accreditation and are open to non-medical personnel.

The Public Health Practitioner receives generalised training that focuses on knowledge rather than competencies and is usually taken to enhance ones career opportunities.

The Public health practitioner might focus on communicable diseases or environmental hazards that affect the workplace or the community as a whole, health promotion, public policy, evaluating the public’s health needs and working to design and implement health care programs that will address those needs. Some public health practitioners may choose a career at the administrative or management level working in hospital supply organizations, healthcare-related agencies of the government, pharmaceutical companies, public health educators or applied research.