Role of a Public Health Professional

Public health professionals have a set of key meta functions:

  • Assessment – Assessing the health needs of the community, Investigating the occurrence of health effects and health hazards in the community, Strengthening disease surveillance, disease prevention, control and notification and Analysing the determinants of identified health needs.
  •  Policy development- Advocating for public health, building constituencies and identifying resources in the community, Setting priorities among health needs, Developing plans and policies to address priority health needs and Building inter-sectoral action to support health objectives
  •  Providing Evidence for Effectiveness- Assembling the evidence for the effectiveness of programmes, interventions and services for improving population health and well-being and Translating evidence into policy and programmatic action
  •  Assurance- Managing resources and developing organisational structure, Providing leadership for population health and well-being and Informing and educating the public.
  •  Intervention- Develop and implement clinical intervention at population level, Implementing programmes and Evaluating programmes and providing quality assurance