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Prof Mayra Taylor



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Research Interests

Health & Development  of Children and Youth


Professor / Research Manager

 Biosketch As a public health researcher/my career is largely focused on improving the health and development of children, adolescents and youth in developing communities where environmental conditions, infectious diseases, poverty and lack of resources negatively influence their social, emotional and cognitive development. I have been involved in the investigation and evaluation of education, health, and development programs for children in South Africa, and in promoting the use of research findings to guide policy and service provision. I have worked closely with health and education programs to reduce the burden of disease of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, STIs TB, and Helminth infections. I have also worked on school programmes to reduce substance abuse and teen pregnancy and improve sexual health, and am well positioned to advise on the feasibility of intervention programs that can improve the development trajectory of adolescents and youth. 

List of Publications

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