Global Framework


 Suggested areas for the Global Framework for Public Health Functions


  1. Governance: public health legislation and policy, health in all policy, strategy, funding, organisation, quality assurance, audit, transparency and accountability
  2. Intelligence: surveillance and monitoring, research and evaluation, innovation, dissemination and uptake
  3. Protection: communicable disease control, emergency preparedness, environmental health and climate change
  4. Prevention: vaccination, screening, evidence-based, integrated, person-centred quality health-care and rehabilitation
  5. Promotion: inequalities, social and environmental determinants, resilience, behaviour, health literacy, life-course, healthy settings
  6. Advocacy: sustainable development, social participation and solidarity, people-centred approach, voluntary community sector engagement, ethics, leadership and communications
  7. Capacity: for public health, health professionals and wider workforce: planning – numbers, resources, infrastructure; standards, curriculum, accreditation, capabilities, teaching and training