Service Delivery Projects and Technical Assistance

Public Health Medicine, by definition, does not engage in clinical work with individual patients but deals with health systems and population health.

Service work is undertaken within the management structure of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health at Hospital, Health District, Regional and Provincial levels, National Department of Health and International Donors

The current work performed by the Discipline includes:

  • Leadership, mentorship for Maternal, New born and Child Health- Training of District Clinical Specialist Teams in KwaZulu Natal (UNICEF Funded)
  • Evaluation of the Primary Care 101 Training Implementation (USAID-PEPFAR Funded)
  • Female Genital Schistomiasis Project- IRSES funding from the European Union

Examples of service projects completed by registrars in the past 5 years include:



Garrib AV

Rates and causes of Child Mortality in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

Mahomed OH

(1) An epidemiological study of the Communicable Disease and Infection Control Policy for Emergency Medical Services in the pre hospital environment in South Africa

(2) A Process Evaluation of the operational plan for the comprehensive HIV and AIDS care management and treatment of South Africa.

Geddes Rv

Adapting the WHO Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) strategy for South African Hospitals

Chetty T

Follow up care of infants born in a Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Programme in an urban hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Mahomed S

(1) Factors associated with Tuberculosis Treatment outcomes at a Tuberculosis Clinic in eThekwini District, 2006

(2) Socio-demographic associated with completion of tuberculosis therapy at a tuberculosis clinic in eThekwini metropolitan area

Singh N

(1) Levels of Hospital’s Preparedness for a Mass Disaster during the FIFA World Cup Soccer in the eThekwini District of KwaZulu-Natal

(2) A risk assessment of King Edward VIII Hospital’s trauma and casualty.

Nadasen Reddy N

The effectiveness of Traffic Calming on Pedestrian Injury and motor vehicle collisions in the eThekwini municipality from 2003-2007: A controlled Before and After Study

Naidoo T

(1) Evaluation of private sector ARV Programme at McCord Hospital 2008

(2) Tracing Blood Utilisation at King Edward Hospital during 2006

Mhlaba T

The feasibility of decentralizing sexual assault services to PHC level in KwaZulu-Natal

Tathiah N

HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project in learners ages 9-12 years in 31 schools in Nongoma and Ceza, Zululand


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